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Magic is Fiendish takes place two generations before the time of the Friendship Is Magic cartoon series; as a rough description, think: . o O ( When Granny Smith was a young filly who hadn’t earned her cutie mark. ) It’s just a bit more than 900 years after Nightmare Moon was imprisoned in the moon, but many years before most of the characters in the series will be born. The location is on a corner of the official map that isn’t filled in well, so we can make up stuff without worrying about contradicting the show too much (for those of us using the show as a reference).

The nearby badlands are the home of the changelings, or at least it is where the changelings fled at the end of the Royal Wedding. A bit farther south is the area that is said to be dominated by dragons.

: :: ::: Places ::: :: :

  • Baltimare – A big city on the east coast of Equestria.
  • Brindlebury – A hick town if ever there was one, governed by a council of Selectponies.
  • Canterlot – The fabulous and magical capital of Equestria and home to Princess Celestia.
  • Dodge Junction – A frontier town known for its rodeo. It’s the nearest railway station to Brindlebury.
  • Dry Gulch – A wretched hive of scum and villainy in the Badlands. Jimmy’s cousin Maizekeen owns the local cantina.
  • Fillydelphia – An inland city populated by prognosticators, book binders, and boom-stick aficionados.
  • The Forest of Lectra – An ancient wood hiding some of the oldest secrets of Equestria; the subject of several adventure novels.
  • Manehattan – Famous for fashion, mixed drinks, and monolithic architecture.
  • Marblehoof – A once-prosperous and populous town, now fallen into decline for reasons nopony now alive remembers clearly.
  • The Moon – Lair and prison of Nightmare Moon. The Mistress of Evil might not be able to return, but her minions may, and—somehow—the mail always gets through.
  • Neighpon – Across the sea from Equestria, peopled by kirin and kaiju and cherry trees.
  • Smoky Mountain – A town somewhat apart from the rest of the world, reached by balloon; time is… funny here.
  • Vanhoover – A cosmopolitan city on the northwest coast of Equestria; just about as far from Brindlebury as it’s possible to be and not leave the continent.
  • Windsmouth – Nopony likes to talk about it and its perpetual storm; pegasi from there are shunned.
  • Whinnyapolis – It seemed like a good pun at the time, doncha know? Aura’s family bank is here.

: :: ::: Rules ::: :: :

  • FATE Core – A pay-what-you-like role-playing system!
  • House Rules – Information on things like race aspects and character flavor aspects.

Main Page

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