Brindlebury is a small town in the Mustertonic River valley, southeast of Dodge Junction, south of Baltimare, near the foothills of the Badlands, and also near Hayseed Swamp. Windsmouth is a tiny pegasus community in perpetual storm clouds above the Badlands, the rains of Windsmouth feeding the Mustertonic River.

Brindlebury is a bit smaller than Ponyville (will one day be), and is known now primarily as an agricultural community at the end the Brindlebury Pike, an old road that ran from Marblehoof, on the southeastern coast, to Dodge Junction, and then on to more densely populated parts of Equestria. The pike doesn’t actually end at Brindlebury, but continues on, skirting the Badlands, until it reaches Marblehoof on the coast. The pike used to carry a lot of traffic back in the days before Marblehoof went into such decline. Now the ponies of Brindlebury talk longingly of the day when that new-fangled railroad finally reaches Dodge Junction, and hopefully that the railroad my continue to Brindlebury.

Brindlebury is inhabited primarily by earth ponies, though unicorns make up nearly a quarter of the population, and pegasi a bit less than that.

Notable Features and Persons

Brindlebury has, in recent years, gained a small tourist attraction: the Brindlebury Bottomless Pit, formerly the location of a house owned by a once-prominent family (its last inhabitant was Vellum Bristol). The house itself collapsed, most of the structure falling into the previously unknown pit, when a group of fillies and colts were exploring the allegedly haunted house. Theories are that the pit was originally a water well inexplicably located in the basement of the house. Visitors may purchase items to toss into the pit (and listen to see if they ever hit anything) from a small stand nearby. Souvenirs and refreshments are similarly available.

A visiting pony of discerning taste will, of course, take lodgings at Garnish Towers, a bed-and-breakfast made famous when the world-renowned explorer unicorn Arctica Buckminster took up permanent residence there when she retired. Garnish Towers is owned and managed by Mr Basil Garnish and Mrs Icy Garnish, with the occasional assistance of their daughter, Mint Slush, though she is often kept quite busy looking after her young son, Mountain Berry.

Miss Buckminster (daughter of Sir Carbonado Buckminster, the gem magnate) rents the entire top floor of the main house, and frequently entertains members of prominent pony families visiting from Canterlot. She is frequently visited by her niece and nephew, Aurora Jane Buckminster-Kimblewick and Borealis James Buckminster-Kimblewick.

One of the major businesses of Brindlebury is the Whately Mill, currently owned and operated by Mr Dooley Whately and his wife, See Ann, with some assistance from their daughter, Hurryup Ann. The Whately family has a long and distinguished history in Brindlebury, with several branches owning farms surrounding the village.

The senior branch of the Whately family is led by Barley Whately, who still owns and runs the old Whately Farm, with the assistance of his wife (and cousin) Wyla Whately, and their daughter Bitta Whately. The neighboring two farms are owned by cousins: Blue Grass, Sweet Grass, Shorn Grass, and Blown Grass live on and operate the Sweet Blossom Spread, while Big Baler and Haybuck Hayseed live on and operate New Moon Acres.

Another prominent farmer and landowner is Grits MacKorn, who is not only from a long line of farm owners, but has managed to buy up the property of several families that have either died off or left Brindlebury. With no direct heirs, he has prevailed upon a number of his great-nephews (Jimmy MacKorn, Shucks MacKorn, Muffin MacKorn, Waks MacKron, and Kettle MacKorn) to take over the operations of his farms.

Brindlebury’s town government is run by an elected committee of Selectponies. The current First Selectpony is Ice Jam, mother of Icy Garnish and widow of Judge Mayhaw Jam. The other Selectponies are Myrtle Grass (widow of famed war hero Buffalo Grass and daughter of past pillar of the community, Venerable Hayseed), and Vera Long Whately (widow of Noah Will Whately, former mill owner). Most of the day-to-day operations of local civil government are handled by the village clerk, Bristol Index, who is also the town librarian.

Brindlbury’s general store, which is co-located with the post office, at the stagecoach station on Brindlebury Pike, is owned and operated by the pegasus pony, Savory Seed, and his wife, Lunar Seed, often assisted by their daughter, Tulip Seed.


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