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  • Joneigh Owlmstead

    Joneigh is bookish pegasus from Baltimare, doing general sightseeing and some genealogical research in [[Brindlebury]]. She has a big, floofy mane and large-framed, sparkly glasses. Her book bag, filled with research stuff, is always with her. Even so... …

  • Lunar Seed

    Postmistress; co-owner of [[General Store]]; wife of Savory Seed; mother of Tulip Seed. *Cutie mark:* envelopes in a pigeonhole *Aspects:* Pegasus pony with the Windsmouth Look;

  • Savory Seed

    Owner of Brindlebury [[General Store]]; husband of [[:lunar | Lunar Seed;]] father of Tulip Seed. *Cutie mark:* a pickle barrel *Aspect:* Pegasus pony;

  • Tulip Seed

    Daughter of [[:savory | Savory Seed]] and [[:lunar | Lunar Seed]]. *Cutie mark:* none *Aspects:* Pegasus pony destined to develop the Windsmouth Look.

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