My Little Pony: Magic Is Fiendish

The Road to Neighppon

Wish upon a compass dark

September 28, 2019
The bar in Canterlot that the rats were supposed to take Moonbeam to was the Pony Up! and ask for Swordfish. Maize has confiscated an ethereal compass from the rats…. that they used to track the group, so they could find Moonbeam. The compass was tracking the group via some mystical device that one of the guardians of Moonbean has in their possion. They thank Aunt Beryl and Uncle Augur for their hospitality and head back to Moist Eyesockets to figure out which device caused the PING. Aura uses the compass to check ponies in the room. As she gets close to each pony it reacts to Shucks, Autumn, Joneigh, and HurryUp (BIG reaction). Shucks checks his mane and goes through all he has with him. When Shucks hands the eels from his mane to Jimmy that the compass jumps from him to Jimmy “ethereels”. Joneigh is staring at HurryUp and says “Ok fess up, what do you have that set that thing off?” HurryUp is pulling out items from her ponytails including her Grave Robbing Kit (™). The compass reacts slightly to Caviar, but not as much as it still does to HurryUp herself still. Autumn pulls out a few items (goggles, card for calling dad and the snow globe). The compass reacts to none of the three. Autumn goes back to rumaging and a curmpled piece of paper falls out and the compass reacts to it. Autumn flattens it out and looks at it – it is a receipt from the Three Sisters with a random postit note stuck to it. She pulls them apart and holds them faaaaaaarrrr apart, and the compass quivers between the two. Joneigh looks as if she is going through her saddlebags and she is just shaking her head, murrmering to herself “no… not that… nope”. When HurryUp pulls out her copy of the Pre-Nup, the compass does the violent reaction again – aimed at the Pre-Nup. Autumn asks if anything is written on the back of the compass. Joneigh wonders aloud if Aura can skry? Aura turns it over and looks at the bottom of the compass and [never finds out what Aura sees there]. Aura looks through her book of spells and finds a spell called Buckminster’s Virginal Restoration (and is disgusted) on the page right before the one with Taverner’s Historical Prvenance (skrying). She is studying the spell and there is a knock on the door and a penguin hands them a letter to HurryUp. It seems to be a form letter to “known criminals” about the bounty on Moonbeam, with a note to destroyed the note after reading. The rats bought the compass in the black market, the vendor there got it from a cataloge, it was made in Neighppon by a Kirin and it was delivered for him by Prow Lee. So that didn’t help the group much. So she tries the spell on the letter HurryUp just got, and it was mainly post-office ponies and back to a basement in Canterlot by a goat doing a BUNCH of them. It is suggested that they should maybe go to Canterlot to burn that down. Aura wants to know if the compass could be recalibrated to track down where the missing periapts are located. It was suggested that the original maker could maybe do that. There is dicussion about going to Neihppon and Joneigh wonders if Prow Lee’s car could fly. Aura says her vision showed him driving over the ocean. They pack up for travel. Autumn writes notes to Constable Hob and Egg White letting them know the group is travelling further asea. Aura asks Prow Lee if they will need anything special in Neighppon and HurryUp wonders if they will even need money. Joneigh will suggest that the maker of the compass might want payment… or maybe just HurryUp’s firstborn. A note appears that says with the way time has been working “here” that could be hard to discern (first baby). They all bid Maize farewell.
They climb into Prow Lee’s car and head out across the desert and thru some towns and then heads across the ocean…Zooming. Soon they see Mt. Apple (Fuji) rising ahead of them and they are driving up on to the beach. Zero Fail suggest he can’t drive this fast in inhabited areas and Prow Lee says “Yes I can”. He comes to a stop in front of the artisan’s door. “Let me go in to talk to him in case he is in a mood.” “Uh oh” says Autumn. Prow Lee goes to the door, soon there is an argument and the Kirin is yelling into Prow Lee’s face. Zero Fail steps out and the Nishi Kara greats him with enthusiasm and more or less forgives Prow Lee… and “Oh you brought Guests?!” They climb out of the car and are introduced to him. He offers tea and food to all but Prow Lee, whom he tells to go park the car and come around the back. He asks Autumn if she is Autumn Gallery from Brindlebury? Autumn freezes… Yes? He asks about a specific series of paintings. She starts to answer and then asks how he knows about those painings. “I bought one”. Oh!! Prow Lee finally joins them and the Kirin deigns to let him. Aura has brought a thank-you-host gift of a bottle of wine. Zero Fail tells Niushi about Joneigh’s book collection and so he “drags” her into his library. The group doesn’t see her for HOURS and if she even thinks about ‘lifting’ a book she sees that he notices immediately – so she puts it back. Zero Fail sidles up, notes the title and whispers that he can get her a copy. Aura tells the Kirin what they are there for -business. Shows sketchs of what the group hopes to track down. They hope the compas they brought can be fixed to do this. “Have you asked the noxious one if he is collecting them for some reason?” Aura gets quiet and waits. Prow Lee says that he hasn’t (explains reasons). Nishi Kara asks Zero Fail if Prow Lee is lying. No. “This could take several days, have you made arrangements for somewhere stay? I have several rooms avaialble if you would stay here.” Aura accepts graciously. Autumn asks if he has a garden is that she could go to to study trees while he is working out the problem of how to do this requested project. He says of course. Joneigh hasn’t left the library. Aura wants to explore the town and try the food and festivities. HurryUp is going out whoring.



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