My Little Pony: Magic Is Fiendish

The Arrival

Don't let the sun go down on me

June 22, 2019
[Significant milestone met]
The group still has one periapt and most feel that they should return it to the desert, but everyone wants to go home to rest and check on things first.

Just as Aurora wakes, a new newspaper from Canterlot is delivered. Seems her relative tried to kill the Princess and there was a prison break. She sent a letter to her dad about this. Then she heads down for tea and to see if Aunt Arctica knows aught.

Joneigh & Autumn find Moonbeam in the kitchen asleep at the table. Joneigh makes him tea and Autumn starts making breakfast and they ask why he feel asleep there. He’d had a dream about a jailbreak.

At the Whately Mill, HurryUp’s mom is waking her. “When were you going to tell me you got engaged?” “Today!” The pre-nup signed by her ‘fiance’ is piled in the corner. “So who is this pony and when are we going to meet him/her/them?” HurryUp says “I think you will like him, maybe, I hope.”

Jimmy is checking on the farm and Shucks is upgrading the manageries’ environments.

Sunny is checking in at the clinic and spending some alone time with Borealis.

Arctica says that she has heard that there is some political fallout from when Huntfield went into hiding in the first place. “He was ordered to eliminate an entire family and he decided that the children should be spared.” “That sounds like a bad assignment… um… uh… which family.”

She explains about a unicorn family. “The WhiteSuns” with many famous mages that there was a prophecy that one of the descendants would assassinate Celestia.

At another table, Prow Lee is showing Zero Fail his obituary and Zero Fail does that same back to Prow Lee. They are arguing about bodies and assumptions.

Hob is doing extra patrols looking for any zomponies that may have been missed.

HurryUp Ann is reading the pre-nup and checking her lawyer’s notes. The main things HurryUp Ann cares about; the Dark Stallion will help her become Deathless, they are free to have outside lovers, and HurryUp will never give birth to thousands (or hundreds, or tens, or any multiple above twins {and the latter only if agreed upon before conception} ) are there. The Dark Stallion added a note the latter that the same limits apply to him.

Notes were sent to Maizey by Autumn about getting addresses for GrandMeadow and Choosey and sending hers to them and Aurora about trying to get a message to Huntfield.

Letters are beginning to pile up next to Aurora’s brass dragon-mail dohicky, including a package that looks like it may include a book. Many are from family members. Aurora skims the notes first before opening packages. The book turns out to be The Hero of Yakmandu Valley (a whitewashed version of family history). Aura’s Canterlot family are all being interviewed by authorities about Huntfield.

Aurora goes to see Joneigh and Autumn. She asks if Joneigh has seen the paper, and shows it to Joneigh. She explains some of what she has read about Aurora’s great grand uncle and that he is a hero in her book. Then she asks about spell books and both Autumn & Joneigh both start and say, you need to be more specific. Joneigh goes into house for a book and brings out “Spells Your Mom Didn’t Tell You About”. “I’ve read that” “But did you do the exercises?” says Egg White who appears behind Aurora. Joeigh digs in her bag and hands Aura “Spells Good Lil Unicorns Shouldn’t Know About”. Aura thanks both Joneigh and Egg White.

Autumn gives her basket of herbs to Moonbeam and says she is going to town to check mail. She arrives just as the daily coach comes into town. A new unicorn pony is on it and is unloading several truncks. He is silver with gold mane & tail with a partially eclipsed sun as a cutie marks. He asks about Borealis. Seems he is a cousin of theirs, Coronal Buckminster. He thanks her and moves off. Autumn watches him go, thinks he is nice… distracted, but nice. As she asks about the mail, she sees that her letter to Maisey is just now going out. She checks her mail and the office. Then she starts to go to the clinic to see if Borealis is there. She bumps into Jimmy who is bringing popped corn to the stand and says the other Autumn wanted to try out the new corn-based conditioner. “It makes everything silky and smell like corn.” He offers it to her to sniff.

They notice somepony getting out of the other door of the stage before it heads out of town. He is a very black shade of black and has a cutie mark that Autumn remembers from the back of their “Calling Cards”. Autumn says “You aren’t as tall as I expected” then clamps her hoof over her mouth in horror that she said that. There are green blob things pulling luggage out of the coach. “Am I not as tall as you expected? I didn’t want to intimidate my future in-laws.” Another tower has appeared at Garnish Towers. Jimmy suggested that he doesn’t need to be bigger, but that he should stop at the spa as his tail is abit ratty. The black stallion heads off to the Towers with luggage and blobbies.

Luna Seed sees Jimmy outside and sticks her head out of the store’s door and hollars that he has a stack of mail and one is from mom! “Hot Diggity!” and goes to get his mail – he wants to read that letter from mom. She wants to know if she sends Cornsilk (a brother who’d been exiled) out to him, could he put him to work.

HurryUp notices the stallion arriving and sneakys out of school to follow him and the blobbies. Basil is at the front desk when the stallion enters. He signs in as Night Messenger. “Yes, you do have a reservation. Here are your keys to suites four??? oh one through four oh four.” And he looks over to a wall were there wasn’t a stairwell yesterday and sees a forth starwell. They go up into the fourth tower with Mountainberry. He gets a glimpse inside the room, which looks a bit like an Escher painting “… who knew gravity is just a suggestion?”

The blobs start unpacking and the Stallion says “Dear, did you want a room here, too?” HurryUp says that she is just making sure all is ok. “I’m here for the official meeting of the parents”. He makes some small talk while the blobs unpack. He excuses himself and goes looking for Autumn. He hands another one of those cards to Autumn and another to Bone. There is a picture of Grand Meadow on the cards. They both look a little startled and thank him. He trots off in the direction of the Towers. The girls tuck the cards away for use later. They turn to Jimmy to offer to help take the conditioner thing to the Spa.

At the salon, somepony is there getting their mane styled. There is gossip about the cat and pegasus in the new third tower of Garnish Towers and all about the maybe-engagement of HurryUp and is she maybe pregnant. Autumn G. tries to straighten out their thinking only to muddle the gossip further.

Atutumn heads home to tell Joneigh about the arrival of the Dark Stallion as the Fiance and about the cards he gave to Bone and her. They talk about what she may talk to Grand about. Joneigh offers the string board for organizing her questions. Then the card says “There isn’t time for all that just now” and startles Autumn & Bone. The voice says “Do you know someone called Moonbeam? Well, you need to keep an eye out for people coming to hurt him”. “Who should we look for, more pegasus ponies?” “If you’re lucky, she will just send the palace guards…” and the it goes quiet.

They put the cards away and look up at Moonbeam and ask if he still feels safe of if he’d like to go somewhere else, but that they want his safety. “You are listening to what a voice from a CARD is telling you?” “Well.. yes.” They look to Joneigh for confirmation and she agrees. Moonbeam says “I’m more worried that the sun isn’t down near the horizon like it should be?”

They all look out the window at the bright sun at the top of its daily arc.

Jimmy & Shucks notices the sun is in the wrong part of the sky. The Dark Stallion appears neaby. “How much for the popcorn”. Jimmy tells him. “Do you want butter dear?” HurryUp fades into view, “Yeah butter is great!” They look to the east to see that the twilight doesn’t seem able to arrive. Hob & Aurora are walking along and she is babbling along and stops to ask “What are you looking at?” “I am wondering why sunset hasn’t happened yet."

They run into Jimmy, Dark Stallion, HurryUp… who she is reminded is HurryUp’s fiance. Suddenly there is a loud CRACK and the moon rises in the east and the sun SETS. It is now night. Now there are storm clouds brewing in the east and there is an aurora visible and then there is an earth tremor.

Night Messenger says “That didn’t last as long as I thought it would, still … interesting.”

“Moonlight strolls are just so much more romantic, don’t you think dear?”

“Yes!” and HurryUp mutters, what WAS that?

“The sun just didn’t want to go down.”



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