My Little Pony: Magic Is Fiendish

Rats! It is a Sandcrawler.

Black lights all lie.

August 24, 2019
In Rotten Hoof, everyone wakes. The Deathless beneath the town is Firefrost, now to figure out where to put the periapt goes. The group discusses how to find where to start looking. They decide that maybe asking Maise as she knows about weird stuff. Aura asks the bartender where the weird stuff or fun is. “You mean the pit?” “Really, we have one of those at home!” Other places to see are the Moisture Farms, the New Library, and this tavern. Joneigh wonders if Zero Fail or Prow Lee might know where to look. The Stormsurge is the periapt that we have with us (blue stylized wave thing). Autumn says that she is leaning toward the Moisture Farms, not sure why. Zero Fail says “First, we have through the Black Market” “No we don’t,” counters Joneigh. “The way down is through the Market.” Joneigh really wants to find another way to go down without going through there. Autumn asks Aura if she has ever teleported. “Not often,” says she. Joneigh asks “and not somewhere you have never seen?” “That would be dangerous.” Prow Lee yawns as he enters. “What is dangerous?” “Trying to teleport somewhere you have never seen.” “Yes, it is.” He asks what they are discussing and they explain. Autumn wants to know if there is a detect magic spell. No one is sure. But Zero Fail suggests it might be in a book and if we found it that Aura could do it! Aura doesn’t understand why Joneigh doesn’t want to go through the market. She and Autumn do a Q&A about Joneigh being different and afraid she wouldn’t be allowed back OUT. Joneigh digs into her bag and starts handing magic books to Autumn who looks at them and shows promising ones to Aura. They find one that looks promising. They follow Aura outside to try the spell. Her horn glows and drags her to the Coach. Then the bar. Across and thru the kitchen to the Ice Room. Autumn holds the door open as Aura goes inside. At the back is a suspiciously pony-shaped package with a note upon it to not open it until a specific date (not today) from Maise. Aura continues on to some vents in the back wall, from wence some very cold air is coming. She pulls off the vent to see what is causing it… she sees a fan behind a black flickering flame. The flame is actually obsidian and has a base that looks like any periapt base we’ve ever seen. Joneigh says it is The Black Flame (binds Firefrost here). There is a postit on on HurryUp’s nose. You sound ask Sand Dream how she got it. Joneigh suggests they go back to the bar to see if Sand Dream is around. “Oh good, I don’t have to arrest all of you.” She is standing in the doorway. Autumn decides to ask Maise how it got here. She says it was put there a long time ago. Aura asks if Maise knows if there are similar thing nearby. “There are many within a few miles of here.” “We are trying to put one back that isn’t where it used to be.” Maise says they should all go talk to her boss… who is in her office.
Sand Dream’s office has a desk and lots of ledgers on bookshelves. “My what a lot of ponies! May I help you?” Autumn explains. Sand Dream gets up and walks around, reading spines of ledger books, “Let’s see.” “I think this is the one.”Pulls it down, blows the dust off and starts flipping through it. G-G-G-grandmother got the flame with the help of a moisture farmer by the name of Klegg. “Does it say WHERE they got it?” asks Joniegh. “It says here, it started at the bottom of a well.” She says that Augur is Klegg’s G-G-G-grandson, so it should be on his farm. She points to a place on the map. Maize figures it has to be her that goes as Whoopsy is out of town. Joneigh offers to copy down the place on the map and go out without someone to introduce them. “I have to keep my eye on the disreputable ones.” she says as she eyes Aura. They get in the Coach and using the directions Autumn & Joneigh have marked on the toursit map, head off to Augur’s Moisture Farm… out in the sandy desert. Maize gives some minute directions as they get close. They park and get out into the blazing sun. Sunny is blinded by the glare until Maisey fixes a little parasol on her. “There, that should keep you from getting burnt.” “You probably should not mention your family name” she says to Aura. They discuss why. Aura pulls the bellpull by the door. An elderly earthpony opens the door, “Hello Sheriff whats going on.” “Just some tourists here wanting to see the Moisture Farm.” “Is it tourist season already?” She starts showing them around, the sand, the great magnifier between the sun and the desert…put there by Celestia, she thinks. Zero Fail comments that it is The Black Light, another of the periapts, not the great magnifier. More sand, and the southern vaperators. Augur is at the east vaperators, but you can’t see them from here. She leads them a ways, “If we go over that way, there is the Dead Well and the old house.” [something about glass from old house to new?] They are led past the dead well toward the house. Autumn pulls out the goggles and peeking through them at the well to see what it looks like. At that moment Sunny & Joneigh hear a rumble off to the west. Autumn puts them away. Joneigh borrows HurryUps telescope and looks to the west. “Uh oh”. She sees something black now rolling toward us. Joneigh hides behind Jimmy. HurryUp goes over, pries up the lid and looks down the well. The rest of the group go to the old house’s ‘former structure’. Meanwhile, HurryUp is doing a chimney walk down the well. Jimmy follows her. She makes it most of the way down, then slips and face-plants the last foor or so. Jimmy drops next to her. There are a bunch of boards nailed on the wall down here. Danger, Do Not Enter. Jimmy hands her the prybar. ::SKREECH:: When their guide (Beryl) realizes two of them have gone down the well, she totters back to the new house for the rope ladder. Joneigh flyes down the well. Once the doors are off of the wall and they start into the tunnel. Joneigh follows. Jimmy is the first to notice that this is a tunnel, not just a natural cave… someone dug this. There is graffitti on the walls. It is going NNW (they came SSE to get here). The tunnel twists, turn and going downwards. Sunny stumbles and Maize is right there to help her. Evetually the tunnel comes to an end. HurryUp just misses stepping out into the abyss that is there.
“Hello down there!” “Hello up there!” “Are you msising something?” “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.” “I really need help.” They move and jostle to let Shucks close to the lip of the abyss. “Squeeeek, Squeeek” Then he listens. “I don’t think we have enough rope, it is 1200 ft down.” Aura & Sunny make a floating disk for everyone to float down on. Joneigh opts to fly down. As they reach the bottom, lights come on. They can see stairs going down, some carved columns and there are shelves with maybe piles of clothing and pony statues with clothing (moth eatten) on them. And an etreeeeeeeemly elderly earth pony with a white mane with blue stuff brushed in it, she has lots of make up on…her cutie mark is a comb. “The help has finally come.” “And I am unanimous in this.” Aura can tell the clothing is at least 5 generations old. She has been trapped down here for a long time. She has lost her pussy. She says she heard it was the 3rd best tourist place in town, so she went down and then she fell. Autumn remembers some strange comic stories about ponies that ran a store and one that said I am unanimous a lot. Autumn decides she is fabricating. They ask Prow Lee if he doesn’t recognize her. The group cover all their light and Zero Fail lifts his firey sword. The dugeon is empty except for pony skeletons and the old lady is a Black Latern carved from black marble and is on that pariapt base they are familiar. The shadow cast sighs “You can’t blame a pony for trying.” “Who are you?” “The King of Shadows.” “So you are stealthy and you can teach me.” Aura pulls her back from the latern. Joneigh says that this is The Black Light. If you do have StormSurge, she belongs at the bottom of the well, like I belong here. “It would be so much easier to protect Firefrost if all of us are here.” Joneigh grabs Autumn and flys up the shaft. When they get there, lights come on and there is a young earth pony there with all the trappings like below, but much more current. “Hello! Are you being served.” Joneigh says yes very rudely. The pony keeps trying to “help” Autumn and Joneigh. Joneigh says if she comes anywhere near, she will be kicked in the nose. Autumn uses her earthpony STOMP. “Would you just go away!” The others, on their way up on the Aurora’s Foating Disc and hear the elevator voice and notice a slight earthquake. They arrive and with Zero Fail’s sword held aloft. The shop stuff disappears and the shadow from the lantern seems to have extended up here. The Black Light keeps trying to get them to ask it for help. When the get back to the bottom of the well, Joneigh asks Aura to try her new spell to see if there is a hole here where there used to be magic? Her horn is drawn to the rocks strewn around the floor. It is a PUZZLE, Shucks! He is excitedly putting together the lava ‘plug’. It is getting bigger so some of the group goes up…HurryUp gets to the top and there are hundreds of tiny kangaroo rats in hooded robes and the big black transport. Maize asks Jimmy to buck her up there, he does and follows. Prow Lee and Zero Fail follow up. Joneigh has flown up and fas the flames with her wind and tosses lightning at the transport. Jimmy and HurryUp jump right in and Sunny sends fire the other direction. There are just two rats left on their knees when the group still below finish the puzzle and put that last piece is stomped in by Shucks. And it starts to vibrate. The rest come up out of the well to carnage and water bubbles up, overflows for a moment and then settles to just below the top of the well. The transport got hit with enough lightning that the boiler blew and it is destroyed. There are little bodies all around the group. “Now you don’t need those vaperators” says Aura. She looks over to Maize “You know being Sherrif takes lots more skills than I realized.”
They interrogate the two prisoners. Why did you take these two hostage? Why were you lying in wait up here? What were you looking for? Because of the large bounty that has been put on Moonbeam to be captured and brought to Canterlot. The goggles brought the group to their attention. Aunt Beryl & Uncle Augur invite us in for refreshment, as the group did save them. They have some prickly pear juice and spiney bisquits. They look around and HurryUp sees a painting of Uncle Augur’s older brother with an honorable discharge signed by Huntfield Kimblewick and she says something. She has to backtrack and lie a bit to calm Augur who says Kimblewick?!?!”



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