My Little Pony: Magic Is Fiendish

Deathless Defined

Guess who's your daddy!

Apr 6, 2019
Joneigh, Bone, Zero Fail and Prow Lee are watching the storm upon the bookstore. A flaming pony spins up and out of the store. Bone says, “It is a pegasus, not the right color for Shucks anyway.” Joneigh says, “Oh, that is Noctilucent Moonchaser! What is he doing here, with them?” “Apparantly, nothing good” says Bones.

Another pony comes flying out of the maelstorm, it looks like Altostratus Penniform… watching him get zapped off course and then he’s bounced around and is captured. Then she sees Shucks with a rope in his mouth, the other end is a lasso around another pegasus, who collides with another pegasus with a boom! “That is Nimbus and Nacreous Penniform there!” The vortex is getting worse, and it is shrinking in on the bookstore and then there is a slurping/sucking noise and the bookstore is gone without damaging the other buildings.

“What are y’all looking at?” Shucks has appeared in the circle with a bunch of bookcases strapped to his back, he looks a little wobbly. Joneigh runs over and hugs him.

Bone wonders if the palace guard would want to know why Zero Fail attracted that kind of attack and if they would know if Zero Fail knows Prow Lee… and would they come looking for them here? Prow Lee suggests they should relocate. “What about the books, there are some that shouldn’t be left laying around.” says Zero Fail. Joneigh is browsing the bookshelves. Prow Lee goes to the other room, pulls back a portrait of the Queen of Abyssinia, opens the safe and with tongs and big rubber gloves pulls out a thermos. Sets the jar down and closes the safe, resets the portrait. He uses a bucket and two sets of tongs to set a bucket on the door trap. Bone asks what it is and what kind of thing it is for… Prow Lee says it will only work once on things from the beyond. Joneigh is looking at books and then stops and stares, then reaches for a book that was on the WAY overdue books… at the same time Zero Fail reaches for it. “Yes, that is one of the books that shouldn’t be left laying around.” Joneigh lets him take it, but offers to carry it if he has no way to transport as she has room in her saddlebags. He hands that one and two more, “I forgot, some of these books shouldn’t be stored together, you take these.”

Prow Lee, responding to noises outside, says “We should leave now now now. Go through that door and on toward the mirror.” Joneigh grabs Bone & Shucks and heads into the storage room and stops before the mirror. Behind them there is an “Ah ha!” then a splash, and then a scream and “I’m melting melting!”

Prow Lee looks at his reflection in the mirror, “The password is Swordfish”. It opens up and they go through and down the stairs they go. Prow Lee, at the rear, says “Lock it up!” and behind them is now just a blank wall. Zero Fail complains that the stairs are difficult. Prow Lee says they are much better than dealing with the things they left behind. Bone asks what that might be. “Ponies you never want to meet.”

The stairs lead to a cavern with a stream and a boat. They take the boat through tunnels. Prow Lee asks Zero Fail, “Now that we have put the guards and THEM behind us, can you tell me why you brought a Windsmouth Pony and Earthbraker’s Daughter through my magic circle?” “What no comment about one of the McCorns from Neighbraska as well?” “Stick to the mystical ones?” “They came to my shop and at first I thought they were after me, but then THEY were after them… so they must be good guys.” Bone asks “Who is Earthbraker’s Daughter?” Prow Lee asks “She doesn’t know?” Bone looks at Joneigh and they discuss a bit of what Autumn doesn’t know yet. Bone asks Shucks if maybe she should go back to Autumn & Flame. “is it safe here?” she asks of Prow Lee. “Of course!” Zero Fail says, But Prow Lee disagrees, “No where is safe.”

“Why were agents of the Mare in the Moon after you?” There is argument about which THEM everyone is referring, too. Then Bone makes a comment about the Dark Stallion and how he is always pestering her friend HurryUp. “What!?!?” they say in unison. Then Joneigh flicks open her bag and her conspiracy board unfolds and she points to various bits and says “See?”. Then she flicks it back. A single card flutters down to the bottom of the boat from the disappearing board. They all look at it. Zero Fail puts on his glasses and reads ‘The Dark Stallion’. Prow Lee picks it up and exclaims, “Two thousand years I have been waiting for instructions!” and tears it into a bazilliion pieces. And now there are a bazillion cards on the bottom of the boat.

At the Bargain Basement in the Black Market.. there will be a porn book of Borealis & Sunny on sale in the market in the next few days. Sunny later plays chess with the Fairy. The first time she tries to move one of her knights in the usual manner, the Bargain Fairy has a hissy fit, explaining that Knights DO NOT move like that, they are all two-faced back-stabbbing bastards. Eventually Sunny deduces that so long as she says, “Another two-faced bastard backstabbing someone!” she can move the knight in any way at all up to four spaces while the Bargain Fairy cheers.

Autumn finds a snow globe and as she peers in it sees a boat with her friends and a couple strangers in a boat … and they are moving. She tilts it from side to side gently.

Back in the boat – it rocks from side to side – and the others have to stabilize themselves.

Autumn pulls out her trump card and asks if Joneigh is ok. Joneigh pulls her card out and tells her they are all ok and traveling to somewhere safer than we were at previously. Prow Lee points at Joneigh and “kkkttzzzttt”. He asks if she has more than one of Earthbraker’s Daughters in her circle. Joneigh explains that is 3, but really 1, she knows it is but can’t explain why it is. Bone says “I tried to explain, we are all the same.” “Oh no, honey, you aren’t all the same.” And suddenly there is a bitty fairy hovering next to Bone. “But we’ve always been the same.” “You’re sisters, so not the same.” “We share a body.” “Sisters often share.” Joneigh says “What’s that and where’d it come from?” The fairy says “Ahem, SHE!” Zero Fails says “I think it’s the Bargain Fairy from the Bargain Basement.” There is discussion about who owes whom a favor, and the thing that made the boat rock. As Autumn can hear what they are saying, she can now see both the fairy next to her and in the globe and the Fairy says “The Dark Stallion is putting things where they don’t belong again.”

Autumn now notices a symbol on the base of the globe, that we have seen before… on gravestones and the back of our Trump Cards. Autumn mentions to Joneigh that the Dark Stallion may still have a crush on you. A note stuck on the globe “Should I have spoken to your father first before I approached you?” She tears it off, throws it on the ground and stomps on it! “Dad is dead, that was rude!” Another note appears “I’m sorry, Miss Gallery. I meant your birth father, not your father-father.”

Autumn thinks the globe might be a useful tool. They hang up after assuring each other’s groups are safeish and tuck away their cards.

Joneigh looks at Prow Lee cautiously. “Two thousand years I have been waiting for instructions and you have a direct link to my boss?!” “Boss?” He points to Zero Fail and then himself, “We are agents of two of the Deathless, I thought you knew that.” Joneigh says “He was flirting with girls, not too successfully.” The fairy says,”but lots of the Watelys are children of the HIS.” “Yes, but they are OLD.” But a note appears on Prow Lee’s nose “Sorry, you were just soooo boring.” “Boring? BORING?” Zero Fail gently pats his shoulder, “There there.”

Shucks has made friends with an Axolotl from the water. Joneigh says no, thank you… it isn’t dinner time. Put him back. He’s all alone. Shucks, you have taken him from his friends, put him back. Joneigh comforts him… and then looks around and asks Prow Lee is there a waterfall thataway? “Shit, we have to dock and get off the water now!! They row… and Prow Lee says “I think there is an intact teleportation gem that way.” Upstream there are sounds of pursuit. “Get over yourself, we need to get a move on.” Prow Lee recites a rhyme about safe places and Joneigh, Bone, Prow Lee, Shucks, Bargain fairy and Zero Fail appear in Autumn’s back yard in accordance to what Joneigh envisions as “a safe place”. Moonbeam starts and says “I wondered why Kettle McCorn & Blown Grass showed up at my door saying he was here for the party!.” The fairy is already roasting marshmallows over the firepit, “this is nice!” Prow Lee is a little freaked by the amount of children of the Dark Stallion he can detect in the area. Oscar the cat wanders out to sniff out the new folk.

Zero Fail says he now realizes that this group is on the same side as he and Prow Lee. He starts to explain that he was the Captain of the Guard of the Storm Queen. Sometimes loaned out to the Solar Queen. After Deluge was bound by the other Deathless, the Storm Queen realised that the Deathless was looking to do the same to the rest of them and went in hiding. “That is when I became a book store owner.”

Prowl Lee was originally in service to the Oblivion. As such, he took on the guise of an agent of the Mare in the Moon to spy on her, and thus avoided being chained up with the Oblivion’s agents. Then Prow Lee got himself assigned to infiltrate the Dark Stallion’s court, where he was recruited as an agent of Chaos.

Zero Fail finally realizes where they are, that the Oblivion is chained in the pit here. There is discussion about the Dark Stallion’s bastards here and Oblivian and The Dark Stallion are brothers. The Bargain Fairy says that Zero Fail feels morally superior to Prow Lee because he hasn’t changed allegiances. When the Deathless bound the Inferno, the Dark Stallion went into hiding and Prow Lee stopped hearing from him.

At the Black Market, Aurora is exchanging riddles with the Fairy and Jimmy is yodeling for her. We know what Sunny & Borealis are doing. Autumn is having tea with the fairy, just being quiet, in the moment and listening. HurryUp is writing stories for the fairy, and she pre-ordered the Sunny-Borealis book. Flame is dancing for the fairy. It is morning and the curfew is over. Some of the group look more disheveled than others. There is an earthpony waiting at the lobby of Bargain Basement. Grand Meadow says to Autumn “Wow, you turned out nice.” “I haven’t seen a mirror, yet?” Aurora produces one and Autumn looks in it. “Where are your sisters?” says the manticore Choosey. She responds one is here and one is with my friend in Brindlebury. Choosey is looking around like why can’t I see her… and Grand Meadow is like huh. Autumn says, “Look I know I met you once, but you are acting like you know me better than I know I know you.” Grand & Choosey have a manticore-speech convo and Grand say, “Oh, do I really need to say that?” “Ok then, I am the pony that impregnated your mother.” “You prick!” And flame hits him with a gout of flame. Choosey says “you totally had that coming.” More banter ensues. Grand Meadow claims that Autumn, Flame, and Bone had done things that may have got the attention of beings worse than the Dark Stallion or the Three Sisters Scorned, and he feels responsible for their safety. Autumn is no pleased.

They get up to Moist Eyesocket and Maize says ‘Oh, you got out alive.” Jimmy is making breakfast to go with the drinks that Maize brings to their table.



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