My Little Pony: Magic Is Fiendish

Button, Button, who's got the Bride?

All Plans Go Awry

October 12, 2019
HurryUp has snuck back into her room at dawn. Her mom shows up directly after and starts going over the set up for the evening’s festivities. She wants HurryUp to take the table linens over to the Towers. As See Ann leaves,

Truly peeks in and says “Oh good, you are up!” and starts to query her about bride’s maids. “I thought I didn’t like you!” “Oh but surely that is just water under the bridge by now.” “YOU are bringing up what happened under the bridge?”

When HurryUp heads back to the towers with the linens, she thinks maybe she will hide out in Night Messenger’s room today. However, as she is going down the street she hears something coming down the road (very clunking, wheezing car noise) Uncle Tom, Devil Ann McColt and her cousin Little Sandy McColt are onboard this contraption. They greet HurryUp and offer her a ride.

When they get to the Towers, the Devil Ann and Little Sandy go to see about a couple rooms and Tom finds a note left for him from Joneigh. It tells him she has moved to Autumn Gallery’s cottage and where to find a key if he needs a place to stay. HurryUp drops off the linens with Icy Garnish (as See Ann and Dooley have reserved the ballroom at considerable expense).

HurryUp offers to show her uncle the way to Autumn’s cottage. They come across Dooley en route, there is an emotional (read: laconic) exchange between the brothers and they continue on… with dad (who we should not forget is a Senior Warden in the Secret Society of Secret Keepers) peering after discreetly.

When HurryUp Ann and Tom get to the cottage, Tom makes himself at home and settles to play a couple songs for HurryUp and she falls asleep like she always has. There is a comotion outside. Constable Hobb is announcing his presence as he approaches a door of a cottage that should be empty. Tom goes out to greet and explain to him why he is there and offers to save him a glass of the best corn squeezin’s.

Meanwhile, See Ann is at the Towers with some flowers for the tables with the linens that HurryUp dropped on the tables. She bumps into Truly Whately and they chat about bride’s maids and where HurryUp might be… that Truly’s job as ‘best bride maid’ she needs to help keep track of the bride. “Oh, yes, well, I will find her.” Shortly after that, she sees HurryUp coming out of a room all disheveled. She greets her. This HurryUp looks confused but is glad to meet Truly. Truly is confused and tells her that her mom is looking for her. She asks where. Truly takes her down to the ball room. The confusion continues, until this HurryUp introduces herself to See Ann as Devil Ann McColt and relates how they got there with Uncle Tom Whately.

See Ann turns to Truly and says she still needs to see her daughter. “Of of of course, Aunt See Ann. Right away.” She goes off, looking really baffled and a bit overwhelmed. But Truly is distracted by the overwhelming manliness of Little Sandy McColt and persuades him to take her back to his room at the hotel. A bit later, Little Sandy tells Truly that HurryUp took her uncle to a cottage and the names Ms. Joneigh and Ms. Gallery were mentioned. Truly gives him a big smooch and rushes off.

Tom hears a commotion out on the patio and goes to check… finds Truly sprawled in the nettles. They chat about HurryUp and See Ann and Tom deftly lets Truly off the hook and tells her to go back to See Ann… then he goes to wake HurryUp

HurryUp Ann cleans up and they take the Squeeze-Mobile back into town.

(The Gamemaster wants to interject something here: for most of the many previous game sessions, the only hotel in Brindlebury, Garnish Towers, has had exactly two towers. A few adventures back a third tower magically appeared with elaborate suites for the Pegasus Zero Fail and his Abysinnian Colleague, Prowl Lee… then a couple of adventures back, a fourth tower magically added itself {along with a fourth staircase} for the stallion known as Night Messenger. And then, since most of the player characters plus Zero Fail and Prowl Lee left town yesterday, one of the towers has simply faded from sight and there are only three now, but still more than the normal two. Characters within the story seem to either not notice or pretend not to notice, but it is hoped that the home viewing audience is seeing all of this and is suitably amused.)

Meanwhile, See Ann has put Devil Ann to work helping with the flowers, utensils and going to the kitchen to inquire after what dishes and glassware have been assigned for their use. Devil Ann isn’t sure what exactly she is to do and little bags of flour are now set in the center of half the tables.

Eventually, Tom brings HurryUp back to the Towers. HurryUp is glad of the nap and mumbles “I love it when a plan comes together.” Her granny (Selectpony Vera Long Whatley)’s voice comes from behind her, “You have a plan, what would that be?” And before HurryUp can answer, Dooley Whately notes that HurryUp always has a plan, whether she realizes she’e being watched or not. Granny Whately asks, “Is THAT what you are wearing? Those Bandit Blue ribbons?” “But I AM a Bandit! I gots ta wear them!”

When Truly gets back and delivers the message to See Ann, she gets put to work as well.

Vera has some words with Tom, but soon they are back to not speaking. He goes in to the ballroom and asks where he should set up. See Ann points to a small bandstand and he and Lil Sandy go to set up.

HurryUp has snuck off to Night Messenger’s room, who is louging in a tub and a blobby is pouring boiling water into it. “Oh are you back already?” There is some confused discussion till they figure out that Devil Ann McColt has been to ‘visit’ him. He asks if HUrryIp would like a nice hot soak. She has to remove a few things from her mane before she joins him in the tub.

Some time later, Blobby comes in with a message that HurryUp’s Maid of Honor is looking for her. HurryUp says to send her in…. then asks her to join them in the hot tub. Truly does so and says that she thinks this is the nicest HurryUp has ever been to her… HurryUp pulls a mustache out of her mane and attaches it asking if Truly remembers it (waggle waggle). Truly never quite twigs to the fact that one of her boyfriends years ago at Hoe Camp was actually HurryUp in disguise and with a strap-on… but also Truly doesn’t resist when HurryUp and Night Messenger make advances on her in the hot tub.

Eventually, the party is set and ponies are showing up.

Icy Garnish is tut-tutering about making sure all is perfect and keeps hollaring at her husband Basil to do stuff.

HurryUp and her groom-to-be come down and now HurryUp has to introduce her fiance to the room.

See Ann has set a seating chart, but several family members have moved the placenames around according to their own agendas.

Tom didn’t sit next to his mom, but took a seat next to Constable Hobb and places a good glass of squeezin’s in front of him.

See Ann notices that Truly has been move to the table that Little Sandy is sitting (and eventually figures out that Grandma Whately moved the name tag, since Truly has no prospects, but Little Sandy is a very distant cousin who is the heir to a farm in the valley below Old Smokey)..

Grandma Whately pointedly asks what Night Messenger what he does for work (at exactly the worse moment in the conversation lull). He answers, “I am involved in the redistribution of precepts, postulates, and predictions of both the rank and file and hoi polloi.” Granny Whately is not happy with the answer, “Yes, but what do you DO.”

When Tom plays ‘Of all the relatives I’ve slept with before…’, some ghosts show up to dance. Some of the family recognize the ghosts: Great-great-great grandmother Widdy Whately; Great aunt Wilma Whately; Grand Aunt Juanita Whately; Third Cousin Twice Removed Sweet Lee Whately; Second Cousin Once Removed Sue Lee Whately; Aunt Eusta Whately. Plus a number of additional ghosts dancing with them that no one recognizes.

Before Tom can start the next song, several of the ghosts start singing “Four Sheets to the Wind in Coping-Hoffin’” and all the living ponies find themselves joining in singing and dancing to the song.

Borealis and Cousin Coronal are sitting with Hobb, who is suggesting that he should arrest HurryUp Ann for violating her parole. Borealis suggests it isn’t HurryUp but the ghosts, and wondere if he should go get Arctica to banish some ghosts.

See Ann tells Dooley to stand at the door to stop anyone from exorcising their relatives. He wonders if someone has spiked the punch and she replies that it IS his daughter’s party. He nods “Its just a haunting, they do happen at times.”

At the end of “Four Sheets…”, Night Messenger is crying next to HurryUpAnn and he manages to hug See Ann and Tom at the same time. “You really do want me in the family!" he wails.

See Ann pats him and says, "It will be alright. You will get used to our relatives.”

“But that’s my line” sobs Night Messenger.

Tom puts a strong drink in his hand and See Ann askes HurryUp if her intended needs a smelling salt? “Sounds fun, mom!” HurryUp replies.

Constable Hobb is trying to figure out how to put HurryUp in jail for the summoning, or someone. Ge just feels SOME one should go to jail for it. When Truly Whately staggers by making inappropriate comments and clearly quite intoxicated, Hobb arrests her for public drunkeness and takes her to the drunk tank.

The sketch artist See Ann Whately hired to get candid sketches records some intimate moments between Borealis Buckmister-Kimblewik and Coronal Kimblewick. But more scandalously, he catches Grandma Vera Long Whately (one of the Selectponies and Eldrers of Brindlebury) in the backroom doing ina appropriate things with Great-uncle Grits McKorn.



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