My Little Pony: Magic Is Fiendish

Bucking Custard

July 27, 2019
[Time warp to earlier in the afternoon] Sunny had done her usual rounds and updated the records in the morning. She also spent time with Borealis. Then while she is doing inventory, she hears the bell on the door tinkles. She turns to find a dark blue unicorn pony with bright silvery colored mane & tail, and a cutie mark that looks like an eclipsed sun. “Hello?” “Coronal!” “Borealis!” The new pony leaps over the counter and lands on one knee before Borelis with flowers and a piece of jewelry and says “We should totally run off now [gene needs to add stuff here]” Sunny is speechless, doing the slow blink with her jaw slowly dropping. Borealis is stammering and introduces Coronal to his girlfriend Sunbeam. “Girlfriend? GIRLfriend” Sunny gives a sheepish grin, “uh, Hi?” Coronal backpedals like it was a joke, just done for shock value. He apologies to Sunny, turns and hands the flowers to Sunny “These are obviously for you!” “This is my cousin Coronal – you know, my grandfather was trying to force my sister to marry him?” “Where should a visiting family member take you all to lunch?” “Garnish Towers?” offers Sunny. They go to find their late lunch. Garnish Towers has always had two towers… but now it has four towers! The newest has at least one weird room that Sunny can see through the window, it is upside-down. They have an interesting lunch with them all pretending nothing weird is going on here at all… mostly. Scattered strange little comments, from time to time, referencing something in their past about Borealis that Sunny didn’t know about him. Usually about past relationships of Borealis’. Sunny eventually has enough and excuses herself back to the clinic, leaving them to carry on their banter.
Clinic door tinkles and Sunny puts down her paper in exasperation, “Hello?” It is Sweetgrass. “If some pony, and I’m asking for a friend, if some pony was in trouble… she would come to you, right?” Sunny says yes, if her friend thinks she is in trouble she should come in right away. Sweetgrass asks if anyone has come in recently. Sunny quotes confidentiality. Sweetgrass gallops away and Sunny can hear her say “Its a definate yes, HurryUp is preggers!” “See this is how small town rumors start!” HurryUp comes by… following the gossiphoulds… and tells Sunny “Next time just make stuff up!” Sonny glances at her Do No Harm vow, but HurryUp says that is Medical not Rumor rules! Later, while HurryUp is doing errands, she will hear speculation on how long she has been pregnant. She will sneakily say that it has been months. The conclude that although she is carrying it well but this wedding has to be on the fast track. Sonny frets that maybe she shouldn’t have left the cousins alone and looks out the window for the umpteenth time… and wonders why the the sun is still at its zenith. She hurrys out to find the cousins and on the way she sees a bunch of ponies pointing off to the east. She stops and turns and sees that where twilight and the moon usually pops up, she can see the colors of twilight and the blue sky doing a tug of war on the horizon. This goes on for a while and there are murmers and suggestions of ‘that time when the Mare in the Moon did this..’ Then suddenly the moom pops up into the middle of the sky and the earth shakes beneath their hooves. “That isn’t natural” “What just happend” “Well, I’ll be”
There is speculation about the moon being bigger than it usually is, no it is normal, no it is bigger even for this time of the year. Joneigh says to Autumn & Moonbeam that it sorta seems closer somehow. “It seemed much bigger when we were there.” Autumn reacts with “Ok that’s a new thing, right? The path will go back, right? I don’t like that the gravel path goes thru the fire pit now.” “Popcorn?” offers Night Messenger. Joneigh & Jimmy can actually spot things moving around on the surface of the Moon, which is just not normal. “She can’t bring that here, can she?” muses Joneigh. “That would cause a lot of problems” answers Night Messenger. Autumn, Moonbeam and Joneigh go back to worrying about safety issues.
Jimmy & Joneigh try to make out what they are seeing on the moon, a castle and something that has crashed on it and now a lot of the moving bits are flying off toward it. Jimmy thinks that the crashed thing looks like the Aluminum Falcon. Joneigh mumbles “Is that a Manticore
” and Autumn pulls out her new card and starts making incoherant exclamations at it. Joneigh follows her around trying to calm her down. Aumtumn mumbles about ‘our dad’ and ‘did they crash’ and tries to focus her telescope on the crash site on the moon. She can see Grand & Choosey and 2 unicorns with weird masks with hoses going to their backs. The unicorn is the blank flank they met in Moist Eyesocket, and the other is one she met in Windsmouth (Starbeam). She tells Joneigh. Jimmy wonders about a bicycle pump they have? And it looks like Grand and Choosey were arguing back and forth with the pump. “Did you crash? WHY DID YOU GO THERE?” “I am trying to talk some sense into your Father”. “Wait, like, what?” “Leave her out of this!” “Well, it is getting closer… make a jump for it” suggests HurryUp. They hear through the card “Ok, you stay and fix the ship and you youngsters get to the control room. No, you keep the card!” as he storms off getting bigger with each step toward the castle, passing the mask to one of the yougsters. “Can you do that?” asks Jimmy of Autumn. She freezes and thinks and wonders if she should even try. “I have a corn cassarole that can make you FEEL that you can.” Grand seems to banter to the leader of the bat ponies. There is a single alicorn flying from the castle toward Grand and is getting bigger as she gets closer to him. “She’s really putting on the weight!” HurryUp says of Nightmare Moon, “Maybe SHE’s the one who’s preggers?” Joneigh is wondering about Zero Fail & Prow Lee could help, Sunny wonders if she and all the town unicorns could boost a teleport and HurryUp wonders if Night Messenger could make a portal and make her bigger at the same time to put her hoof through ala Monte Python. NM says he could .. but then she would be in HER realm. “Oh there you are, what’s going on? Yes, all the deathless are getting angry with each other?” Prow Lee says as they walk up. “STARTING?” says Zero Fail. “Wait, can we help them and who exactly is Grand’s sister?” asks Autumn. [gene needs to fill in whatever the hell PL and ZF are going on about the fighting] “Oh that’s right, she’s not in those books, The Lady of the Harvest.” “What about the moon getting closer? Maybe she can’t get here, what if it lands here?” “Yes, it would probably roll around and crush half of Equestria, I would expect.” Joneigh asks Zero Fail if her landing it would be even possible. He thinks about it and looks really worried and then looks a little broken. “I can’t think of a rule of magic that would prevent it.” There is more discussion. “If you really want to distract Luna, Jimmy should be the one to throw the custard!” says NM. Prow Lee says “The way you looked at me, you make me think you actually listen to me.” There is banter back n forth. We suggest they just do the custard thing! Autumn asks Prow Lee where would be safe for Moonbeam and why we are asking. He and and Zero Fell argue about it for a bit and settle on Moist Eyesockets because of the binding spell and that it is Slays Clean…erm Maisey’s home. Jimmy and Prow Lee work the custard magic with NM. There is a custard pie on the moon which covers all of those on the moon except a blimp. Now they look more mad. “I was just trying to get them to come to their senses…” mutters Jimmy. Joneigh will suggest they are less mad at each other and more at those who sent the custard. Prow Lee’s ship transport shows up. It is suggested that we move Moonbeam now… but Hob suggests that NM and HurryUp have to stay cause her mom is cooking a BIG dinner for her prospective Son-in-Law. Luna is bound to the moon, and Joneigh says “But … her agents can and then Egg White is suddenly there and says but we’ve destroyed three of them already.” NM has been distracted by his infatuation but suddenly says “Wait, what split?” and is caught up. He suggests that he can transport her back for dinner. NM gets on his knee and asks if HurryUp would like for a while she can be in two places at once? She just starts doing the evil princess laugh. He grabs her and kisses her and there are now TWO HURRYUP ANNS. “Ok lets get them out of here now!” and Joneigh grabs the closest HurryUp and drags her toward the transport. Aura looks around and asks where Borealis is. Sonny stammers and tries to explain. Autumn mentions Coronal and flowers and where Borealis is. Aurora just stares at her and mumbles about the cousin and wonders about the flowers and then get flustered and then says “Well maybe we should leave them to work that out!” There is more banter and Joneigh checks with Sunny and then starts herding everyone into the coach. “To Rottenhoof, then!” NM tells HurryUp and Joneigh “You are in two places at once, but you won’t know what the other is doing until you merge again.”
The sun tried to come up and the moon quivered in the sky and there is more back and forth and POP the sun is up. It is morning.There is impossible travel by coach, lots of speed and lots of skreeching and some yelling. Then they are there. “Remember the coach is climate controlled, it will be HOT outside.” They hurry from the car, thru the hot and into cold of the Moist Eyesocket tavern. A penguin with a towel over one wing and asks if they want a table for …counting… fourteen? “Yes, please.” says Joneigh. He offers menus and waddles off. There is a bartenderpony (not Maisey) he is milk chocolate this a lifesavor cutie mark. He shows up at the table, He says “Oh, Prow Lee – I’ll get your regular” and suggests the drink of the day, the Tea Party Sunrise. The drinks come, food is ordered and shows up. Joneigh takes Aurora up to the bar to ask for rooms. There is nomming and sipping. After a while, Maise shows up and stops by, leans in to Sunny “So, no Borealis?” “Do you need to do some comiserating time?” “Um, no?” But behind her Aura is nodding her head at Maise. “Oh let me get you a better drink” and takes the Tea Party Sunrise and comes back with a glass with green liquid, some cherries and a slice of citrus. “I like cherries” “That’s what he said.” Maize looks at Prow Lee “Tony” “Clean, it’s been awhile.” “East Spurlin?” “Yes.” and Maize goes back to the bar… Shucks says “Maisey!” and follows her with Jimmy. They finish and the bill comes and Aurora grabs it. All of Sunny’s drink/food was ‘on the house’… and the drink she made special was the Heartbreakers Lullaby. Everyone goes up to sleep. Sunny dreams good childhood dreams. Maize likes her.
Back in Bridlebury, HurryUp and NM are doing more of their romantic walks and stuff. NM suggests that maybe they should work on getting him pregnant. HurryUp is confused on how this works, does she need to grow something…or….”. He thinks and replies something about that binary thing. “How do you want to do it, darling, it is still your egg and my sperm…” “Lets try them all, to be sure.” NM goes all heart-eyes at her again. “Gotta make sure it takes, after all.”



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