My Little Pony: Magic Is Fiendish

King Larry and the Cragadile Tuple!

Just monkeying around!

7 August 2021

Aurora goes into the club, thanks Hurryup for holding her space and asks Kronk for her usual, then she makes space for herself at the table by shoving flamingos around a bit.

There is some back and forth with the flamingos. Autumn follows Aurora into the club. Hurryup tries to eat one of the flamingos. He responds by kicking her in the head and flaps away. Aura says she is disgusted with how they treat their help and then tells Kronk they are leaving. Hurryup follows the flamingo, intending to eat him. Autumn wants to make the mud as sticky and goopy as possible so the flamingos won’t be able to get their legs free. The flamingo Hurryup tried to eat picks up the seltzer bottle from Kronk’s cart and squirts Hurryup in the mouth, forcing her to back away. Another tries to flap backwards but is stuck in the mud.

Aurora scoops up her drink in a field, picks up Kronk and slides the injured crab toward Autumn. Jimmy and Prowl Lee (on Jimmy’s back) show up and menace the flamingos. “Hey, come back here with the busboy!” a flamingo shouts at Aura, as she follows Hurryup. Hurryup had decided that the flamingos are a distraction and she is determined to head toward the Pearl. Jimmy and Prowl Lee forestall the flamingo attack with their menace allowing the others to get away. One of the flamingos just flies away, muttering about his tea time. Before flying off the first flamingo says, “I am definitely filing a complaint!” The fourth flamingo falters from the menacing and after laying an actual egg, scrambles and falls off the table. Sunny works her medic magic on the crab and cures the busboy. Autumn invites him to come live with them.

The ponies move away south.

The swamp gets less sloppy, with more trees and ground less wet.

The ponies hear music, but now it is more drum-heavy. As they approach, they can now hear a bass being plucked and… is that a sax riff? Soon they see some stone ruins ahead. As they get closer, they can see there is a group of monkeys dancing to the music.

Aurora puts some gold coins in the tip jar and waits for them to finish. The group applauds politely, except Joneigh who cheers from the air. One of the musicians scampers up to Aurora and asks, “How do I announce you?” He runs back up and announces Aurora and the group and mangles her name. The big orangutan approves and asks for more wine. Jimmy is checking the stage for traps/trapdoors. He quietly informs Aura is standing over a bit of the stonework that WILL move is someone decides to move.

The MC (monkey of ceremonies) steps up and welcomes the group for King Larry (after being nudged by the king’s foot). The king asks what gift they had brought him. Aurora asks what he might want? Autumn offers a painting of a thunderstorm. The king nudges the MC and he runs over to retrieve the painting and bring it for the king to look at. The king loves the painting and wants to know the name of the artist, as he has only been introduced to Aurora. Autumn introduces herself. The king reaches out and drags a sycophant forward and pulls the chain off his neck. He places the chain around Autumn’s neck declares her the Artist Laureate of all monkeydom. He then demands a song for the new Artist Laureate.

While the music is playing, Hurryup steps up and asks about the Kelpie Graveyard. King Larry says now is a bad time to go there as this time of the month is when the entrance to the Kelpie Graveyard goes to the Underworld. Hurryup asks if he knows how long it stays there! The king does some figuring—three days! Hurryup ruminates that maybe they should wait for those days. “Oh, you want to stay?!” Autumn says she could do another painting.

The music ends and the king calls for feast to welcome their new friends. “Play the ‘set up feast’ music!” And monkeys are scurrying round setting up tables and stuff. He finishes his glass of wine, jumps off the throne, throws his arm around Autumn to escort her around to decide where to hang the painting. Then they go back to join others at the feast. Autumn wants to take some fruit she knows Joneigh will like to her, but also wants to take tea, so she asks if there is tea available. They tell her it would take a while to steep. So, she pulls out a pot and brazier and asks Sunny if she would light it. Suddenly, all the monkeys leap, jump, crawl over everything to see the fire up close.

“How did you do that?” asks the king.

Sunny answers that she has always been able to do that. The king reaches over to a monkey, grabs the chain off him and drops it over Sunny’s head. “I declare you our new Incendiary Laureate!” The king spears a kumquat and cooks it, then eats it. He next roasts a beetle, and more and more things.

Hurryup, meanwhile, sneaked around to see what she can lift while they are busy. A monkey drops down and sticks a rag in Hurryup’s face “Does this rag smell like chloroform?” “Chloroform tastes spicy,” says Hurryup as she eats the rag.

Back at the feast, Aurora is talking to Kronk about figuring a way to slip the monkeys a bunch of mickeys. Joeigh flies over to see if she can find Hurryup, who is on the ground, stoned, with some monkeys around her holding a makeshift net. Joneigh drops on the monkeys, knocking them over. There is now a jumble of monkeys in the net and six of them running off. She picks up Hurryup and flies up with her. Hurryup thinks that maybe that last thin mint was a mistake.

Joneigh tactfully aims Hurryup’s head at the table full of monkeys and food. Kronk scuttles up to Aurora with a little leaflet that says, “How to use chloroform on ponies.” Jimmy notices Joneigh and Hurryup “Hurryup at 10 o’clock and she is going to blow chunks!”

Autumn crawls under the table; Aurora puts a bubble round herself. Sunny has monkeys all over her (trying to find out how she does fire) and she bubbles them with her. Hurryup’s jaw unhinges and her eyes roll back in her head. Jimmy picks up a plank and uses it to shield himself. The king is still toasting stuff and doesn’t pay attention; other monkeys have figured something is up and are running away.

And then she blows!

Two cragadiles, a vulture, a spider, and maybe a frog with some slime are now scattered all over the table, all of them squirming and about half the size they used to be. The fire didn’t go out, the smoke smells really odd, but it is still aflame. Autumn thinks she is gonna need a new teapot.

“Battle music!” calls the king. The music starts and the runaway monkeys turn and come back. The music is enticing and the ponies have to exert their wills to not start dancing. Jimmy, Hurryup, Sunny and Autumn are all dancing. Aurora pretends to dance so she can pull a fast one later in the fight. Joneigh is in the air, readying her magic. Aurora dances her way to the band and starts destroying the instruments. Autumn is doing a STOMP spell when it fits to the music. Hurryup is vomiting and projectile pooping to the beat, while spinning. Joneigh starts firing lightning at the king. One of the reduced cragadiles has swallowed the king. Both cragadiles (including the one that ate the king), the fire and Hurryup fall through the trap door that opened during the earthquake that Autumn made. The music dies down.

Prow Lee found a latex covering for his tail and has caught Hurryup by the foot just before she falls through the trap door in front of the king’s throne, one of the cragadiles raises his head from the hole and he is wearing the crown. The monkeys call out, “The king is dead, long live the king!”

Kronk gives Aura a note, in Prow Lee’s handwriting: “I think you should all flee.” Aurora calls that its time to leave! Come along Artist, come along Flambeau!

The party exits, following Aura back to the trail to the Kelpie Graveyard.



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