My Little Pony: Magic Is Fiendish

Houses and Add-ons and Books, Oh My!

Home again, home again, jiggity jig!

November 28, 2020

Aunt Blue has taken the office of mayor and found someone to appoint as the new sheriff of Windsmouth. Joneigh spends a day going over the job and her 10” binder of notes. Then the group heads home to Brindlebury.

Borealis is looking to buy an abandoned house on property in town, to upgrade into a home for him and Starbeam. Jimmy is going with Borealis to visit Grits to help with the arrangements and also to help him find a house. Sunny is concerned about her aged patient, Mauve Finery, whom she hasn’t seen recently. She makes a house call and she is still alive! Aurora visits Hobb to check in and tell him how she missed him. Autumn and Joneigh are considering expanding their house in case they end up with Starbeam as well as Moonbeam.

Once the house is purchased, Aurora visits to see how her brother is doing, if he needs anything, and finds him dressed as a cleaner, with mop heads attached to each hoof. She starts to leave him with his kinks, and he says no… he is cleaning. “Why don’t you just use magic?” “It is more fun this way!” Aura laughs until she realizes he is serious. He offers to make her tea and they can look through the bags of gifts she brought for him. As she leaves, Aura notices the landscaping and decides he needs a fog lawn and a shade tree. She spends some time on the grounds, testing her magical senses and trying to feel the same things she felt when, during Crystal Slippers! she and Autumn changed places. With an excellent effort, she feels… something… and may, in fact, be the first unicorn to learn Earth Pony magic!

When Joneigh goes to the library (she really missed the books) she finds a box waiting for her, delivered while she was gone. She dons her goggles and gloves before opening, since it was addressed to and from herself! It is full of books and there is a note from Agent Ayyyyy: “We recently completed an inventory and this property of the Brindlebury library was in our headquarters, where it does not belong.” This makes her happy! She can stop writing angry letters to the Mares in Black and she can put the books back onto the shelves. She finally takes that one book—the one that always makes her frustrated because the red cover has no title on it—to the post office to send off Walter Pickmane of Fillydelphia (the eccentric bookbinder of note), to get the gold leaf embossed onto the spine.

Autumn has chatted with Shucks about wanting to add on to the house for extra ponies and so there is already a couple of rooms haphazardly stuck onto their house. She goes out to the garden and calls her dad about her aunt. When he answers there seems to be yet another battle. She asks him to call her back when it is more convenient.



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