My Little Pony: Magic Is Fiendish

Crystal Slippers!

Am I Pretty?

November 14, 2020

[There is a sting after the end credits from Thar’s a New Sheriff in Town. The camera focuses on a small house and a hoof knocking on the door. It opens and a pony looks at the mare standing on the porch. “Hi! Yes, it is me and you are my biggest fan!”

“How’d you know that?” asks the pony in the house.

“I read it in here,” says Hurryup, holding up a fanzine. ”May we come in?” The camera pans back to put Night Messenger in the frame. He is sharpening a knife. They follow the pony inside.

Fade to black.]

The group has convinced Aunt Blue to run for mayor and Joneigh is endorsing her and helping with campaign stuff.

Shucks and Jimmy are going off to explore the tower to be sure nothing bad is still lingering there. Aura wants to go along and Autumn will follow suit. Hurryup is employed to show them the stuff she discovered days before while sneaking around the compound: she shows them the chamber with the pool that the idol sat in—only the base is still there. Aura practices using her great-great-grand-uncle’s spell to cut up the base and drop the chunks through the clouds, and in so doing, exposes some pipes leading from the wall to the pond.

Hurryup is looking for cult paraphernalia to stick in the pond, as it oddly looks swampy and coated with algae: a little weird for having been only a few days. The stuff she puts in just get slimy, and nothing else happens. Jimmy pokes it with a stick, which just moves the water about. Sunny takes a sample in a vial. Shucks suggests they extend the pipes down through to the clouds, eels are happier in clouds. Jimmy goes in search of pipes and to let Blue know that this may be a larger problem and the infrastructure should probably be inspected.

Hurryup goes searching for more brass goblets and things for Jimmy and Shucks to make pipes from (she keeps any gold or silver she happens across). While rummaging in one cabinet, with mostly glass things, she finds something that look like glass horseshoes. She immediately puts them on, because that is what horseshoes are for! They fit absolutely perfectly! She looks around, wondering why it got so much brighter in this dark little pantry. She hurries out to the other room where she remembers seeing a mirror—and sees in it a very familiar face—the Mare on the Moon! “Hello your Ho-ness!” She finally realizes it is a MIRROR and that is her own reflection looking back at her!

She goes trotting down the stairs to where her friends are making pipes.

The group is working there, when they hear steps coming down the stairs. They look around at the steps and see the Mare in the Moon coming toward them. Aura starts yelling insults and throwing things telekinetically.

“It’s me!” the Mare shouts.

“It’s her! Where did you come from?”

“I came with you, you yobo!”

Aura keeps flinging things at her, Sunny stares wide-eyed and backs up. “Help!” The brass things hit Hurryup, as she can’t seem to dodge or conjure magic. Then magic washes over her making her look like Hurryup.

“Now there are three Hurryups?" Aurora exclaims. "Damn it!”

When the magic washed over her, Hurryup suddenly feels like Aurora Jane is the most beautiful pony ever and why did she ever think any other was as attractive?! She starts stumbling toward Aura. Aurora siphons the icky pond water and splashes Hurryup with it.

Hurryup pleads, “Just let me love you!”

Sunny notices the horseshoes, as they are repelling the slime.

Hurryup continues to plead with Aurora. “Why is it bad, I just want to love you! No amount of algae can taint our love.”

Autumn has been looking back and forth between them; now she focuses on the shoes and sees runes on them that say, “Worship Me.” She suggests taking the shoes off of Hurryup.

Aura holds her in the bubble and Sunny works at pulling the shoes off, mid-seduction. Her eyes go back to normal and she asks why they threw stuff at her. She goes translucent and slides through the bubble, leaving the slime behind.

They put the shoes in a bag that Autumn had with her. They ask Hurryup to show them where she found the crystal shoes. In the same cupboard they find an athame (a black-handled dagger used in witchcraft), a decanter, and some crystal goblets with runes that say, “Blood Sisters.” Autumn decides to try drinking water from them with Hurryup. Aurora and Sunny stand by to shoot.

Autumn uses the matching decanter to pour and when they clink glasses the water ripples colors and turns blood-red. They finish it and it tastes really yummy!

Autumn: “Do I look different?”

Aurora: “Show me your teeth!”

She smiles widely at Aura. “Are they pointy?”

Since the red liquid seems to have passed straight through Hurryup, Aurora tries drinking from one of the goblets. When Aurora and Autumn drink, a ripple runs through their bodies and they look like each other now. And their magic switches, too: Aurora can sense everything about the ground far below, but when Autumn tries to levitate something, she sets it on fire instead. They try the goblets again and switch back. Aura says, “Oh, thank fuck!” They try their own magic again and it works.

When they get back, Shucks and Jimmy tell Joneigh about the pipes and the algae and the eels and the horseshoes that make Aurora look pretty (that’s not what they do, but that’s how it gets reported) and the decanter/glasses that seem to swap people into different bodies. Autumn excitedly adds about magic being harder than she thought and asks, “How do you think magic through the horn or how do you do magic through your wings Joneigh? Is there a extra brain there? It must be just as hard as through a horn.”

Joneigh gets a headache and suggest camomile tea for her and a lie down. Then she goes to the library all night to dig out the lore.

Later that night…
Aurora, Autumn, and Hurryup are dreaming about mostly dark ponies and there is cake, it is red like blood spurting from a wound. Hurryup is going to have cake, the others are trying dissuade her. The cakes looks like Mother Malice and the other two of the Sisters who were devoured by the giant cloud eel. Hurryup listens and continues stuffing her face with cake.

As soon as they wonder if it falls thru this “ghost” Hurryup, it does, like their thoughts have some effect on their surroundings.

Autumn is looking around at moth ponies and cakes and then the Mare in the Moon shows up.

Aurora and the Mare in the Moon verbally sparred for several moments: the Mare in the Moon asserts that Princess Celestia will never allow Aurora to become a Princess. Midway through the conversation, Autumn gets exasperated and demands to know why Nightmare Moon and most of the other Deathless won’t answer questions. “Stop dropping cryptic hints and just give us a straight answer!”

The Mare in the Moon becomes irritated, replying that her job in the pantheon wasn’t to simply give ponies answers, but to provide dreams that allowed them to find their answers on their own. During the back-and-forth, the Nightmare Moon notes that sometimes Autumn is just as irritating as her father, but other times sounded more like her aunt, with a clear implication that the aunt is much more highly regarded among the Deathless.

Autumn asks the Mare why they are there. The Mare in the Moon confirms that it is almost certainly because they used the Blood Sisters crystal glasses. There is more discussion. Joneigh is mentioned and the Mare excuses herself from arguing with Autumn to go over and look through a mirror. She is looking at Joneigh, who is studying in the library at Aunt Blue’s house and she is muttering to herself; piles of books around her. A paper floats down toward Joneigh and the books and the Mare reaches through the mirror and pulls the note back. She reads it and then it goes up in flames.

Autumn argues about choice with the Mare, and how she shouldn’t be taking it away from ponies. Later, she learns her Aunt’s name: Seed Sower. Autumn tries to get the Mare to admit that this dream is side effect imbued into the crystal when it was created (partly by the Mare). Autumn decides to wake up from the dream and get some sleep. She wakes, rolls over, goes back to sleep and dreams she can see and overhear Hurryup and Aura in the dream, but isn’t there.

Aurora continues to try to get the Mare in the Moon to give her useful information about how to become a Princess. The Mare is snarky for a while, but then shifts gears to try to warn Aurora of dire consequences if Celestia decides that Aurora is a threat.

The next morning…
Then there is a knock on the Aurora’s door saying breakfast is ready. Joneigh asks Autumn “What about the eggcup?”

A: “What eggcup, there’s an eggcup? We should go back for it!”

J: “Just don’t put an egg in it.”

A: “Why what happens?”

J: “Tentacles.”

A: “Ohhh, okay then.”

Aura shows up with a package addressed to Joneigh, grumbling about other people getting mail through her dragon. It is a package from the Mare in the Moon with all the missing notes from Night Messenger that Nightmare Moon had intercepted; with a note of apology for taking them, that Autumn was right about choice.

They go to the tower to get the eggcup.

Joneigh finds it on the floor rolled under the bottom shelf. Autumn turns to go and she sees an ice-box that wasn’t there yesterday. “Hey, that wasn’t here yesterday. Let’s open it.”

“Um, no? We don’t open something that is magically here today that wasn’t yesterday.”

Autumn puts on Joneigh’s protective gloves and opens the main door: shelf after shelf of eggs are in there. She slowly closes the door and then puts a padlock on it.

They go back to Blue’s and she tells Aura and Sunny about the box of eggs that magically appeared. A few days later, the votes are counted and Blue is mayor. The group will stay around till she appoints a new sheriff so Joneigh can brief her on the job—and giver her the manual she has written.



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