My Little Pony: Magic Is Fiendish

Chaos in Kelpietown

Every Oyster Has a Pearl

11 September 2021

Joneigh goes looking for the library and both Autumn and Aurora go along. They find an archway with a gate and lock, Joneigh unlocks it and goes in. A librarian appears when they enter and asks if he can help them. Joneigh asks about history books, Autumn wants to browse and Aura follows Joneigh for now; depending on how long her attention span for history lasts. The queen is taking Hurryup around and introducing her to kelpie notables; the queen inquires about Hurryup’s husband and Brindlebury. The Kelpie Queen says that rumor has it that months ago when the Mares In Black were reorganized that a new, hotshot agent had been put in charge of Brindlebury, and the Queen is surprised said agent hasn’t dealt with Night Messenger or Hurryup. Hurryup dissembles and continues weaving her lies upon lies.

Prow Lee, in disguise as a kelpie, swims up to Jimmy and says, “We may have a problem: when I got to the car, ”/characters/silk" class=“wiki-content-link”>Silk was gone.”

“It was locked.” Jimmy says to keep an eye on him and unless he is in some dire emergency, just let Jimmy know where he is.

Prow Lee leaves and comes back without his disguise, carrying the paperwork that Hurryup requested he bring to her.

Aura is looking for a book about communication magic—she wants to make trump cards—and manages to trip. Autumn is browsing for gardening, art stuff, storms/lightning, etc. Joneigh is putting a book away and thinks she sees Autumn walk by and turns to look, it is an Autumn shape almost mummified in kelp. She goes over and pokes her in the shoulder. “You are covered in seaweed.” Joneigh thinks the kelp is trying to kill her. Autumn tells it to stop, using her ability to commune with plants, and it does, floating off in a manner that suggests it is surprised she isn’t food. They decide they should check on Aurora; was there a crash over there? Aura has found a book and is engrossed in it and doesn’t notice that she is being wrapped in kelp and it is inside her bubble. She creates a smaller inside bubble and pushes out to squish the kelp between the two layers.

Joneigh and Autumn round a corner. Kronk’s cart is overturned and both crabs are tearing at a pile of moving seaweed on the floor. Autumn tells it to stop trying to eat that. The seaweed goes away or is squished. (It was trying to drown them).

Meanwhile the Attorney General is looking through the document and Jimmy and Sunny notice that every time they shake some seaweed off a hoof, more tries to wrap around another hoof. Prow Lee has been using his claws to cut seaweed off, and the three decide it is not random seaweed. Aura tells them what she was looking for so Joneigh listens, looks around a bit and pulls three more books on the subject from various shelves, seemingly at random. They head over to the genealogy section to look for info about Autumn’s family and overhear the librarians speculating:

“So are any of them drowned yet?”
“No they are all still alive.”
“None in the courtyard are dead either, they keep shaking the weed off.”

Autumn tells the seaweed in the library to go back to their kelp beds and go to sleep. They do in starling formation-like. They decide to check the courtyard, but they stop at the desk to check out the books they found. The librarians look a lot like guards… the librarian asks if they want to check out the books, Joneigh says yes and he checks them out while glaring at the guards. They thank him, take the books and go looking for the rest of the group.

The queen wants to take Hurryup off somewhere private to discuss the thing with pearl. All the earth ponies hear a high-pitched scream and the retreat of the seaweed now happens in the courtyard because Jimmy put his full weight on it. Hurryup notices but continues off with the queen.

Joneigh, Aurora, Autumn, and Kronk stride into the courtyard and see that Jimmy, Sunny, and Prow Lee are being surrounded by hundreds of kelpies. Joneigh calls out to those surrounded, asking if they are okay. Kelpies are working some kind of magic to dispel the breathing spell. Aurora offers a bomb in their midst. Joneigh uses her wings to swim in circles above them all to make a whirlpool. Jimmy is looking at the ground around him. All the guards’ harpoons have started glowing. The captain of the guard fails to stab Jimmy with his harpoon.

Aurora expands her bubble to a 60-meter bubble for all the group to retreat to. Groups of guards are heading toward each member of the group. Prow Lee has extended his claws and is heading toward kelpies and hurts a few. Sunny is heading toward Aura and preps a line of super heated water. A carp is heading toward Joneigh. Autumn is summoning kelp. Jimmy takes the captain’s harpoon away and stabs him with it.

Sunny zigs, zags, does gymnast moves, and nails the landing inside the volume Aura is prepping. Joneigh is defending against fish and continuing to make a whirlpool. The captain of the guard is trying to wrest away the spear from Jimmy. Aura is casting persuasive pebble to freak out the enemies and defending against magic being cast at her. Prow Lee continues to fuck up kelpies.

Kelpies are stabbing the bubble in Sunny’s area and she is shooting them with boiling water. Autumn is entangling guards with the weeds. Joneigh kicks one fish right into the open mouth of another fish. The captain of the guard tried to kick Jimmy in the head but missed as did two other guards that tried to jab him. Aura’s shiny, sparkly pebble has distracted at least three kelpies from what they were going to do. The guards poking at Aura’s bubble causes sparks. There are two kelpie guards who are now bleeding from Prow Lee’s strikes. Joneigh continues ‘flying’ and defending.

The captain of the guard still can’t hurt Jimmy. Nine of the guards have fallen for Aura’s “pebble” and are swimming away. Four are entangled in Autumn’s kelp. One is boiled. Those fighting Prow Lee and Jimmy are still in the fight and one more is still poking at the big bubble. Aura sends a message to Hurryup: “We need to go now; we’re being attacked here!” and defends her bubble against the guards. Sunny boils fish.

Autumn works with Jimmy in an effort to raise a large section of the floor to make the area they are on to become an island in the swamp. A fish swallows Joneigh. Prow Lee is cutting keplies to ribbons.

In another room, a holographic image of Aura appears before Hurryup to deliver her message. The Queen doesn’t notice and thinks she is doing voices and says, “Keep on doing… right there… keep on with that.”

The captain of the guard finally stabs Jimmy. Aura throws her “pony-ton torpedo” as far as she can while defending herself. Hurryup finishes what she is doing to the queen, bites the necklace off her neck and runs for the courtyard, using a wet cloud of ninja smoke to cover her escape!

Sunny kills a boiled kelpie. Autumn and Jimmy pour more magic into raising the floor. The fish trying to eat Joneigh is not doing well against the surprise lightning in his belly and he belches her out… and his color has changed as though he has been cooked from the inside out. The floor is raising and now cracks are forming and magma can be seen. The captain is damaged by the erupting steam. There are shrieks coming from the direction that the queen and Hurryup had gone, and the sounds are in Aura’s head because of her connection to Hurryup in message.

The boiled kelpie is now crispy. Aura feels the bubble moving because of Joneigh’s whirlpool. There are dark shapes in the water… sharks! A larger shape appears behind them! A disk with lights and Joneigh squeals, “Aliens! I always wanted to see aliens!”

Autumn looks up and sees Choosy and the Earthbreaker leaving a hatch and swimming down; they are attacking kelpies that were coming from another direction. Autumn is yelling something about dad coming to fight for her. Huntfield is blasting kelpies that are coming and waves to his great-grand-niece and she calls out: “I listened to you and learned from it!” The last kelpie trying to get through her bubble gets zapped by a unicorn shot from Borealis!

Jimmy is rushing to the bubble. Shucks is hanging from a ladder on the Millennium Falcon, calling encouragement. The queen stumbles out, hollering stuff about the necklace and what are you doing and, “Oh, no!” when she sees Borealis.

“Heard you could use some help, Sis!”

“Thanks, Bro.”

They all get up and into the dirigible. Silk is there urging folk up the ramp to close the hatch. Hurryup makes it into the ship and is laying on her side, belly swelling. Sunny puts some ipecac down her throat. Joneigh offers the Heimlich. Hurryup horks up the necklace.

Huntfield says, “You ate all three?” But now she can separate out the right one to swallow: Foolishness. She asks for water and a palate cleanser and explains about the contract and the ritual. Huntfield says all three have to be eaten at the same time by different ponies. Joneigh offers to help her friend by eating the Reason pearl and Autumn says she wouldn’t mind beefing up her Memory and offers to eat that pearl.

Prow Lee still really wants to know how Silk got out of the car. Silk explains how he talked to the car and let it know his friends needed backup.

Prow Lee: “You talked to my car?”

Silk: “You do all the time.”

There is now a new island in the middle of the lake. Shucks has a message from Egg White for Jimmy that a bunch of Celestia’s guards have invaded Brindlebury and Hobb has been relieved of duty. [Major milestone plus what the pearls do to change Autumn, Joneigh & Hurryup]



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