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  • Aurora Jane Buckminster-Kimblewick

    table{width:10em;border:solid 1px;border-radius: .5em;font-size:large;float:left;clear:both}. |={font-size:xx-large}.0| |={font-size:large;border-top: 1px solid}.*Unspent Skill Points*| h3{clear:both}. Unusual Inventory Items   h3. …

  • Arctica Buckminster

    Famous retired explorer and permanent guest at [[Garnish Towers]]; daughter of Sir Carbonado Buckmister and Diamond Dream Buckminster; sister of Australis, Fullerene, and Sir Xylene Buckmister; aunt of Coronal Buckminster, [[:aurora | Aurora Jane …

  • Sir Jeckyll Steele

    Of the [[Manehatten]] Steeles, yes. Son of Lord Vanadium Steele, as a matter of fact. And yes, he is the one who dealt with the horrible epidemic in [[Vanhoover]] a few years ago. *Cutie Mark:* A mouse in a maze *Aspects:* Unicorn; I'll leave you …

  • Clover Lace

    Young beekeeper unicorn; orphan of ???; older sister of Leaf Lace. *Cutie mark:* clover blossom with a bee *Aspects:* Unicorn pony; There is no problem honey can’t alleviate!

  • Leaf Lace

    Assistant beekeeper; orphan of ???; younger sister of [[:clover | Clover Lace]] *Cutie mark:* none *Aspects:* unicorn pony

  • Sunbeam "Sunny" Candlewick

    Growing up in Canterlot, my parents Pyre and Corona Candlewick were hired by the Buckminster family to make magically imbued candles, so Sunny grew up in a mansion made of other mansions owned by Aurora's family. While they weren't the greatest of …

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