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  • Vera Long Whately

    Selectpony (member of city council); widow of Noah Will Whately (former millowner); mother of Dooley, Eusta, and Tom Whately; grandmother of [[:hurryup | Hurryup Ann]], Wyla, and Truly Whately. Cutie mark: a pair of scissors cutting a thread

  • Ice Jam

    First [[Selectponies | Selectpony]] (head of the city council); widow of Judge Mayhew Jam; mother of [[:icy | Icy Garnish]]; mother-in-law of Basil Garnish; grandmother of Mint Slush; great-grandmother of Mountain Berry. *Cutie mark:* an ice pick * …

  • Myrtle Grass

    [[Selectponies | Selectpony]] (member of city council); widow of famed war hero Buffalo Grass; and daughter of past pillar of the community, Venerable Hayseed; mother of [[:blue | Blue Grass]], Sweet Grass, [[:blown | Blown Grass]], and Shorn Grass. * …

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