My Little Pony: Magic Is Fiendish

Pale Grass :: Episode 2

In which a mysterious sickness comes to New Moon Acres

Teaser: When a mysterious new sickness comes to New Moon Acres, they send for good ol’ Doc Leechwell. Because everypony in Brindlebury knows that Doc always knows what’s good for what ails you. But when the doctor succumbs to the illness, and the infection spreads, can our heroes find a cure before it’s too late?

HurryUp Ann was up in the cupola, exercising her spyglass, when she noticed that Autumn Gallery had finished her chores early and gone to bed very early. She also saw that her cousin, Blown Grass, was insisting on taking a bath even though it was not bath night. Later that evening Blown Grass slipped out of the house, followed surreptitiously by his little sister, Sweet Grass.

Meanwhile, Autumn got up just before midnight and brought her easel and art supplies down to the garden to paint picture of the annual blooming of Nightbright, a viney plant her Grandfather had collected in his travels. She noticed a faint pink and purple aurora stretched across the night sky, and then shooting stars which seemed to be coming from the moon and were being intercepted by the aurora, somehow. The commotion in the sky had a deleterious effect on the Nightbright, causing the blossoms to close up and the plants to retreat back into the earth.

JoNeigh, meanwhile, was staying up late reading a new book, “A Guide to Flora of the Mustertonic Valley” by Ella Hoof Whipple. She heard strange noises outside, and when she looked, so nothing unusual. Then she realized she couldn’t see the moon, which should be up. When she removed her eyeglasses to clean them, then suddenly she could see the moon, and the shooting stars, and the aurora.

Aurora Jane was sleeping, having a most interesting dream about being at a party at a palace that she did not recognize (and she is quite certain that she has either visited or studied any palace that is worth knowing about).

Blown’s clandestine meeting in the woods with Kettle McKorn was interrupted


Where did the rest of the notes for this day go? I don’t keep them stored anywhere but here! J’wyl

Pale Grass :: Episode 2

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