My Little Pony: Magic Is Fiendish

It's Only When You're Outside That You Notice :: Episode 5

Autumn Gallery learns something about her parents…

When the weekly coach brings a much bigger pile of mail to the town hall clerk’s desk, Autumn Gallery learns that Hurryup Ann sent requests all over Equestria to other civic offices asking for police records on just about every pony in town. She realizes this is probably why Hurryup Ann has been showing up at the town hall every morning since Autumn Gallery returned from Balitmare.

One of the reports is about a missing pony investigation twenty years ago in which Autumn Gallery’s parents are mentioned as interviewed witnesses.

Hurryup Ann is shocked to learn that each of these reports is going to result in a charge to the city coffers, which means she would be in trouble, so grabbed as many of the reports as she could and ran for it. Then she ran right into Constable Hobb, who believed her story that she was doing homework, and therefore going back to school, so he helped her get the stolen reports home. Aurora Jane overheard the conversation, and assisted in getting the papers to the Whately Mill. At the Mill, Hurryup Ann’s mother was overjoyed to learned that her daughter was going back to school, and revealed the desk in the study that had been awaiting this hoped-for event.

Autumn Gallery and Joneigh, meanwhile, were trying to get all the remaining reports properly cataloged and filed, since they are public records and must be properly dealt with. Eventually, Autumn Gallery looked at the report that mentioned her parents: A famous poet and playwright from a prominent Vanhoover family, Carnelian Carter III, who had settled in Baltimare as a writer in residence, came to Brindlebury 20 years ago to meet her cousins, Coral Belle Carter and Merry Oak Carter. She stayed for about a month. On her last night in town, her cousins threw a dinner party in her honor at their home in the ritzy part of town. Carnelian never made it back to Baltimare where her husband filed a missing person report after the cousins in Brindlebury reported that she had left on the stagecoach weeks before.

Inspector Stone Briar of Baltimare came to Brindlebury to interview the other attendees of the dinner party: Coral Belle Carter, Merry Oak Carter, Crescent Cream and Verdant Gallery (Autumn’s parents), Honey Blush and her sister Spun Sugar, Daffodil Jazz, Amber Wing, and Brittle Peach. Additional witnesses interviewed are: Hefty Brick (butler), Marigold Delight (cook), and Egg White, the young son of the cook.

Almost all of the report is redacted. There was a note at the end of the report from the Baltimare clerk who had had to copy the redacted report, that a note dated 19 years ago from the then Brindlebury Constable (Hobb’s predecessor) indicated that all of the witnesses the Inspector wanted to re-interview were dead.

Hobb finds out the Hurryup Ann stole the reports, and goes back to the mill to arrest her. She flees. Aurora Jane helps Hobb get the stolen reports back to the town hall.

Meanwhile, Joneigh and Autumn Gallery decide to go visit the old Carter house, which records indicate has been owned by the city for back taxes….



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